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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Battle of Harlem Heights 1776

On Sunday, my son and I played this battle with our expanded 18th century British and American army in 1/72.

The scenario I built was based on the fact the British and Hessian troops assault the American lines.



Ian took the Americans. He first used his American riflemen to hold back my British Grenadiers. He then used his artillery to take out mine.
The 17th Light Dragoon attempted to clear off the militia but were dealt a mighty volley. For the rest of the game, they stayed put.

Undetered, I then advanced my British Grenadiers to try and flush out the American rifles. This didn't work. I then advanced my Light Infantry units. Firing them by Indian files, they were able to drive them back but the rangers and rifles were still able to hold their own. Added to the fact that their artillery support kept the British at bay.

On the American right, the British advanced and nearly broke into the defences. The Continentals came out but after some volleys, they broke and ran! The American militia then marched into the fray and kept up a brisk fire on the British. The American artillery kept them off.

Eventually, the Hessians began their attack, but with most of the British broken, and without anymore artillery, the Crown forces pulled back. Washington was safe yet again.

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