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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

French offensive 1757 in Nova Scotia

 With the British offensive halted by the French Navy off Louisbourg, the garrison with support from the Mik Maq, Acadian, Canadiens, begin an offencive to hold off the Anglo-American conquest of Canada.
This little game was a "what if" scenario I came up with as I was falling asleep. The French could have come down into western Nova Scotia by sneaking down the coast of the Northumberland strait, then going over the Cobequid mountains of central Nova Scotia. 

The Mik Maq and Malecite form up on the left of the Bourgogne Regiment.

 Le Compaigne Frances de La Marine with Regt. Bearn from New France with gun support of the Cannonier-Bombardier.

More Mik Maq form up on the French left, creating a pincer movement against the small British fort.

 The 45th Regiment attempt to bring concentrated musketry and the bayonet to drive off the Mik Maq. This time, however, the Amerindian warriors didn't just run off. The British volleys claimed a few warriors but the warriors charged in with tomahawks and war clubs. Only one company was left.

 The remaining company of the 45th and their officer surrender to Le Regiment du Bearn.

 The warriors eagerly await pouncing on the remaining garrison of Massachusetts provincials.

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