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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Nasu day three

 I had to repost this one. This was the bathhouse in the campground. It was rather nice to take a hot bath listening to the rain hammer down on the roof.
 With all the rain, our kids were playing with their new friends, the owners children. We had to pack the car, and take down the tent in the rain. 

 This was the campground the morning after the storm. There was an elderly couple with their tent, and a family with a camping trailor. 

 breakfast consisted of our leftover steak and sausage mixed with some boil in the bag stew and a pot of strong tea. My messtins from Cadet Direct and my hexy stove worked wonders. My wife noted that we don't need to bring the gas canister stove next time as I was able to cook out food with just what I had. 

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