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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Nasu day four

 The morning after the rain storm. As you can see, the campground was nearly deserted! There was a retired couple and a family with a camping trailor. 

 Using some boil in the bag stew, with the left over steak and sausage from the night before, I made a stew for breakfast. I also made a pot of strong tea.

 Posing with the daughter of the owner. They were a great family which my children enjoyed playing with. Emi and I had to pack the car and take down the tent in the rain. Hence why I'm still in my rain kit.
 We then went shopping at an outlet mall as with all the rain, there was nothing else to do. We then stayed at a Japanese style bed and breakfast which is run by a former daycare teacher. She is married to an American from Guam and was very friendly.

The next morning, we went to Nasu Highland Park, which is a big amusement park. 

Emi and the kids went on a lot of rides. I did go on the water slide ride, and an airplane ride. While waiting for my family, two twin boys who had been staring at me, came over to ask for a picture. This is usual in Japan sometimes, as they like to have a picture taken with a foreigner. I was suprised when I started to talk to them, that in fact, they were my students from one of my schools in Tokyo! And the fact that their uncle lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

Leena having fun with the mascots. 
All in all it was a great trip. Coming back took about 5 hours driving due to a minivan which blew up and burnt out on the expressway.

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