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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

French advance on Annapolis Royal 1757

Today, Ian and I decided to play an 18th century game. This one, I'm basing on a potential French offensive in 1757 in Nova Scotia.

The commander of Fort Anne sends out three regiments, the 43rd, 45th and a levy of New England troops on reports that a French army is advancing down through Nova Scotia/Acadia to divide the colony in two, isolating Halifax.

The French, from Louisbourg send elements of the Bourgogne and Artois Regiments as well as a battery of 6 guns on new field carriages. 
The French advanced their guns to fire on the assembled British ranks. The MikMaq warriors advanced and fired on Gorehams rangers. Their fire was well and true, which meant the rangers were taken down.
The French regiments advanced to smash the British line. The British gave a good account of themselves by reducing the French line to one battalion, while the British grenadiers charged the French guns. Two of them were taken out before the Cannonier-Bombardier could blast them apart. The remaining colonial units charged and took out another gun. Reduced to two guns, the French fired back taking them out. The remaining British fell back towards Annapolis Royal, the French won this round, but lost over half their artillery. 

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