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Friday, 26 September 2014

2014 DPM uniform updates

It's taken me some time but I have been able to get a pair of trousers, combat shirt, t-shirt and new Bush Hat in DPM.

The first item I was able to get were my trousers. I ordered these with my DPM NBC suit back in the summer of 2011, in order to protect myself from potential radiation during the rainy season, due to the unpleasant affects of the 3/11 2011 Tohoku Earthquake.

I was also able to get a DPM t-shirt, then

eventually this year I was able to get a Soldier 95 DPM Combat shirt. I was also able to get rank slip ons for my band rank, and my status as a civilian instructor with students here in Japan.

Recently, I was able to visit the Nakata Shoten surplus shop in Ueno, Tokyo. I was able to get a DPM bush hat in a digital pattern. I will see if I can get the regular one when I'm next able to visit that part of the city.

 Desert DPM combat shirt, and a DPM Combat shirt, with a digital printed DPM bush hat and DPM covered knee pads, for when I cycle.

 The DPM combat shirt with Drum Major rank, which I held as a appointment in the 2nd Battalion, 84th Regiment, Royal Highland Emigrants.

 Desert DPM with Union Jack and rank. I bought his at Nakata Shoden, a surplus store in Ueno, Ameyocho 

 My knee pads and bush hat. I've had to stop cycling for a while for two reasons. First, it's typhoon season, and my spokes and rear tire are out of order again!
I may have to wait until spring to cycle again, or wait until I get paid next month and repair it.

I then found another surplus shop in Akihabara, and got two British DPM bush hats, one in desert pattern, the other in green. My son didn't like the digital pattern one, so that will no doubt find its way to my dad. Pictures to follow

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