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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Battle of Long Island, August 27, 1776: The American Right Flank

 The Pennsylvannia and New York militia make up the first line of the Americans, while 3 Continental regiments await the British attack.
 Two Hessian regiments and the Brigade of Guards hide in the woods to pounce on the Americans. The 71st are also on the right.

 The 17th, 40th,42nd 46th, 64th Regiments.
The British begin to advance.

 The Guards engage the Americans. 

The Americans push back the Guards and form into line.
A 44th officer gives the order to fire!

A gun of the 4th Battalion RA gives covering fire.

The Hessians and Highlanders begin the move through the woods to hit the American flank.

 The British begin to form line to pour musketry into the American line.

The 40th prepare to march on the militia. 

The British and American lines begin to trade volleys.

The 17th and 64th wait to join the line.

The reserve consist of the Loyalists and 42nd Highlanders, The Black Watch! 

The Highlanders finally hit the American flank while the Hessians begin to fire into the American line.
This battle finished with only two American battalions retreating. Washington was nearly captured by the 71st but managed to use his pistols to keep them back.

The next battle, I will refight the American centre and left flank.

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