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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Port Royal, Acadia, 1710

 British Marines are the centre while the New England militia make up the most of the attacking force.

 This New England regiment deploys Swedish style.

While this one deploys to try and assault the gate directly.

The main gun battery begins by firing on the French.

The ravelin is held by Acadian milice

While Le Compaigne Franches de La Marine hold the walls

with more milice

and Wabenaki Amerindians in support

who promptly take out the Anglo-American artillery

and the milice charge at the New Englanders on mass. The French regulars poured a tremendous fire on the English, who despite taking out the French guns, were still unable to break into the fort. The battle ended with the French enveloping the English line which withdrew back to their ships. Acadia was saved for another day.
I shall endeavour to have some more black powder games during the winter vacation period.

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