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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The wife got the flu so what do we do?

Go out for a STEAK And RIBS. Priginally, we had planned to go to a 4 star hot spring resort in Tochigi prefecture, but my wife got the flu this week, despite having two flu shots. But as she said, she gets the flu every 4 years no matter what. She felt so bad, she gave me money to take the kids out for a fun day. Last night, we had Dominos pizza, today was a trip to Makuhari, Chiba city.
First up, we went to the very large AEON Mall in Makuhari, Chiba city
Then we went to our favorite steak place in Japan, Outback Steakhouse. An American restaurant, with an Australian theme.
First up, their honey whole wheat bread with butter.
 Then I got their Bloomin Onion

To my suprise, Leena wanted the kids steak! Plus colouring
Ian go the kids ribs set.
Another famous Ceasar salad, this is the Japanese version of a side. Unlike Montanas Cookhouse back home, please see my for my Nova Scotian version
 Ian noted he hadn't had such good ribs since September 2013

 Leena actually said she liked my steak better.

I got the Angus Ribeye, with a loaded baked potato.
 And finally, I got the Choclate Thunder From Down Under. 

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