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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Attack on Fort Redbank or Mercer October 1777

This action was where a Hessian force attacked an American fort held by troops from Rhode Island. It was part of the Philidelphia campaign.
 The Hessian line, made up of Hessians, and artillery support from the Royal Artillery.

Columns of Grenadiers 

Columns of musketeers.

The American artillery

The First and Second Regiments of Rhode Island.

American guns in support.

 More Rhode Islanders rush to the walls.

The first column of Grenadiers is blasted apart by the American artillery.
As the Hessians close in, the American battery fires

 with concentrated musketry

clearing the ground in front of them of any Hessians

A Hessian battalion rallys while their artillery begin to bombard the fort.

American guns are blown apart

Their second line of guns rush up to take positions in the battery.

The Loyalist brigade begins their advance.

The American left was quite until the close of the game where their light gun held back the Hessians, until their Jagers began to snipe at the infantry and gun crews.

Only some officers and one gun hold the line.

A single company on the American right attempt to hold back the tide,

but the Loyalists are able to charge the battery.

And the Hessians rush the battery capturing the final gun, adding another trophy to their list of laurels.
The remains of the American outer defences. The Crown forces blasted these aside, rather then charge straight in like their historical counter parts.
My final black powder game for 2014. Happy New Year.

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