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Friday, 23 January 2015

My Monmouth Courthouse 1778 Crown Forces

From Osprey Campaign 135 Monmouth Courthouse 1778 (Osprey Publishing, Oxford, 2004 pg 82-84)
For those who note descripencies, I have only listed the figures of units I have painted.
June 28, 1778

4th Battalion Royal Artillery
Hesse Kasel Artillery
2nd Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers.

First Division:

1st Light Infantry, made up of Light Infantry companies of 4th/5th/10th/15th/17th/22nd/23rd/27th/28th/33rd/35th/38th/42nd

Composite battalions of Grenadiers, made up of the above regiments.

Hessian Grenadiers, made up from companies from Linsing, Lengerke, Minnigerode

3rd Brigade:
15th/17th/42nd and 44th Foot

4th Brigade:
33rd/46th/64th Foot

5th Brigade:
7th/26th/63rd Foot.

Second Division:

2nd Light Infantry, made up of the companies of 40th/43rd/44th/45th/46th/49th/52nd/54th/63rd/64th/1st and 2nd Battalions, 71st Highlanders.

Composite battalions of Grenadiers, made up of the above regiments.

17th Light Dragoons
40th Foot

Jager Korps
Hesse-Kassel Jager (foot) Hesse-Kassel (mtd) Anspach-Bayreuth Chasseurs

1st Brigade:

2nd Brigade:

Hessian Brigade:
Regiment Von Knyphausen
von Woellworth

Loyalists Corps
Philadelphia Light Dragoons
Maryland Loyalists
New Jersey Volunteers

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