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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Spanish invasion of Georgia 1742: The Battle of Gully Hole Creek

 Aztec Indians take the Spanish left flank in their attack.

Spanish Grenadiers, led by La Marina cross the sands into Georgia.

More Spanish allied Indians from La Florida advance on the Spanish left.

Georgia Rangers head out to meet the Indians.

Georgia Highland Mounted Rangers support the South Carolina Regiment of Horse while the 42nd Regiment and a militia Grenadier company help form the first line, while more Georgia Rangers form a second line.

 Georgian Highland Rangers, and other ranger companies support Cherokee Indians.
Militia companies form the rear of the Colonial American force.

The Aztecs begin to trade fire with the rangers.

The Horse move to contact the Spanish regulars.

Who then form into line and begin firing volleys at the colonials.

The Amerindians prepare to ford the stream.

The rangers having been taken out, a militia regiment attempts to hold the Colonial left wing.

With the horse units taking casualties, they fall back onto the main line.

The Amerindians begin to close in.

More colonial begin to try and cross the river to head off the Spanish advance.

The Spanish just keep on coming in a strong line, brushing aside any attempts to push them back. (More shots to follow.)

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