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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Falkirk 1746 replay 2015 version

First black powder game of the year
 The Crown forces form up outside Falkirk, Scotland on a cold rainy day. To reflect that the rain affected musketry, there were no re-roles on one and twos.

The Jacobite army. The Wild Geese, Irish Picuets are in the rear.

The two Osprey Publishing books I have used as my historical and painting guides.

 One clan regiment moves forward acting as a light infantry screen. The government horse had done the same.

The Jacobite front line moves forward

 the marshy ground makes their manovers haphazard.

 The Jacobites contact the Crown line, trading volleys, while clansmen get into close quarter combat with the Grenadiers.

who proceed the then fail morale and break away.

The Crown forces right line attempt to refuse the line but are flanked by the Jacobite horse.

The Jacobite volleys break the morale of the British regiments who begin to fall back in disorder.

The line continues to crumple.

 With more units failing their morale, the Crown forces withdrawl. Once again, the Jacobite achieve a victory.

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