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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Crazy week

 This shot was taken on Tuesday April 7. It was a rainy morning, so I took the subway. Bad idea. If you ever want to know what a TV dinner or a can of Tuna feels like, ride the Tozai Line during rush hour. I was pushed into a corner of the train. As the train got to my stop, I asked in Japanese if people could move, to which no one did, so when I used my annoyed voice in English, people moved, however, it was so crowded, and Japanese people can be selfish and jerks, the security guard had to grab onto my pack strap to pull me off. I felt my bag get jostled. I went to the toilet and it was then, after the train left, that I noticed that my water bottle was missing. I went to the lost and found, reported it, then went to work. 2 hours later, they called me back to say it had been found, and I picked it up at 6pm.
 Then on Sunday, my kids were in a samba concert, my wife allowed me to get a shot with the kids dance teacher, who is only 19!

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