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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter Weekend April 4 -5, 2015

Saturday lunch, South-east Asian with French spiced soft cheese

Thursday evening before Good Friday, I was trying for a shot of the Cherry blossoms, but too dark.

Good Friday morning on my way to work .

After getting off a crowded train.

Then walking through a park on the way to work

Then playing in a park with the children. It was about 20c that day.

Saturday morning pork and potatoes

Ian having BBQ chicken for Saturday supper.
Easter Sunday morning, the kids get to have their first Easter event. Prior to this year, we had never celebrated, except a church service up in Toyama.

The mustard baked chicken recipie and my potato chips

A small shrine to my Mum, with a cross and lantern.

Easter dinner, Mustard Baked chicken, garlic cheese mashed potatoes and Maple butter carrot and sweet potato mix. 
It was a good Easter. 

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