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Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Battle of the Cedars, May 1776

My weekend never feels fulfilled unless I can do a wargame. I had a solo game as Ian wanted to play with his Legos and with his older sister.
This scenario basically consists of an American collumn advancing towards Montreal in 1776. The force consisted of 8 companies British Light Infantry, 2 companies of 1st Battn Royal Highland Emigrants, 3 companies of Kings Royal Yorkers, a band of Mohawks, 2 companies of Jagers and 2 mounted companies of Queen's Rangers attacking a New England collumn consisting of Knowlton's Rangers, Dearborn Light Infantry, 1st Contential Regiment, and various militia companies.
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Following the Mohawk and Queen's Rangers deployment in a wood and meadow, the Jagers took post in an outcrop of rocks which bordered the small river the rebels would cross.

From their experience in the French and Indian War, the men who made up the riflemen companies of the Americans deployed in the forest to screen their advancing militia. The riflemen comprised companies from Knowlton's Rangers, 13th Pennsylvannia Rifles, and further back with some veterans of Dunn's Rangers and Partridge's Ranger companies.

The American militia collumn advancing towards the river unaware that in the wood to their front await the main British force sent to stop them.

The main British force waits inside a small wood waiting to pounce on the rebels. Most of the troops here are Light Infantry companies from the Quebec garrison, and some Loyalist provincial troops.

The Light Infantry charge out of the woods to fire into the rebels.

Surprisingly, the rebels did not flee with great amaze and wonder. Their morale held and their officers were able to form a line.

The initial militia companies stay on their side of the river, ready to take on the 1st Battn Royal Highland Emigrants (in their new Highland Uniforms). Just after this shot was taken, the British fired a devastating volley into the militia which then caused them to break and run!

On the American right, the rifles fired into the advancing Mohawks until only a small band was left. The mounted Queen's Rangers then rode along the river bank to flank what was left of the patriot rifles. The rebel ranger companies could see the writing on the wall and quickly covered the retreat of the militia. Canada was saved from another invasion.


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