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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Emi & I my 39th birthday

Ah, 39, makes 40 looks that much closer! The missus and I dropped our kids off to rehearse for their dance routine and then, we had a small date! WOOOHOOOO! I was able to pursuade her to go to Starbucks and get some coffee milkshakes, though the white chocolate pudding one had sold out the day before. Buggers! Anyway, I made do with a cookies and cream one. That and some scones. Emi went for chocolate chip, I went for blueberry. Funny part was we shared with each other. I gave my wife a nice bit with juicy blueberrys, she gave me a bit of hers sans choclate! We laughed and I then picked out one chip. The blueberry one was much better as it was moist. The chocolate chip one was dry. Emi's makes better ones with butter at home. I've influenced her with foods from Nova Scotia. Can't wait to go home someday to hit up Tim Hortons and every little B&B that makes good scoff in the morning.

This is Ian's karate group. He still is waiting for his uniform to arrive. This was actually taken on Friday night. He's a tough little fellow, but we forgot that feeding him too late just before bed makes him tummy upset. Can we say upchuck everyone?

On Sunday morning, my birthday, Ian and Leena had a dance display at the community hall that is used for dance practice. They did the same dance which was performed at their recital back in March. The kids do look cute dressed as devils.

It's always easy to spot my kids mixed in with Japanese ones as my kids do not look Japanese despite their mother being Japanese!

Leena centre stage, or floor I should say.

This was the group which performed. The kids did their routine, then it was the young adults doing a jazz routine, then it was finished off with a group of preteen and teenage girls in ballerina dresses doing a small ballet display. All in all, it was a fun little event.

After we had our pizza and ice-cream supper for my birthday (thank you hunny bunny for letting me get Dominos again) I wanted to take some shots of the kids and I in our kilts. We then went outside to walk in the neighborhood and play some kick ball. I had to go back inside to take in the laundry but Ian still wanted to play with his older sister. I took this shot from our bedroom balcony. I have some others my wife took on our digital camera which I will post once I upload them to my home computer system.

Duh, darn picture went sideways

I was going to send this to Sport Kilt, guess I should now then eh?

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