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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Bike ride on a Sunday

It was such a nice day, that we all rode our bikes to a local park. My wife led the way for a bit.
I`m calm, I`m at peace, I`m enlightened

Ian then remembered where the park was so he was then in the lead.

Leena was definetly enjoying the ride.

Once we got to the park, we walked around and Emi and the kids rode the horses and other animals.

Then they were playing on this concrete slide.

Leena needed a little help going back up from Mummy. All went well until Leena slipped and scrapped her leg which made her howl as it began to bleed. Not matter, Mum and Dad had water to rinse and band aids to apply. Ian kept on tossing sand on the slide to continue his romp.

As I arrived I saw this sign and took this as a last shot. It's amazing to see that the warning sign now has more than just Japanese. This sign in English read "Operating Security Camera" to which the other languages used include Arabic, Chinese and Korean. Talk about racial profiling! It seems these language groups may be criminals in the minds of this neighborhood.


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