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Monday, 14 May 2012

Golden week 3

Our oldest daughter is in the Kendo club of her Junior high school. This shot was taken in the city gym. It was a city kendo championship. She came 4th in the city. Pretty good.

On the final Sunday, we went to a park in our city of Kamagaya which has a really neat playground. All this stuff is like a large obstacle course for kids and adults who aren't too heavy. My wife and daughter went first.

Over the bridge they go. Ian then joined in.

he really liked the zipline.

Watch out for the mud!

Go down the cool slide.

Climb up into the tower.

Then come back down.

Then go again on the zipline.

Then Leena gave it a go. Good on her.
A week later, we went there again for mother's day. The funny thing is, the kids wore the same clothes. so the pictures would be the same!

We then went home and Ian and I had another skirmish game. This time, it was an English raid during the Dunbar campaign. Ian built up this farm himself. However, he put all his fences inside the farm, I guess to keep the animals seperate from the defenders. He also left his wagons with supplies outside his wall, and left a big gaping hole in his defences by the windmill.

As the English charged into the farm, the Moss riders came forth to smash into them. Unfortunately for them, the English shot them down.

While the Scots horse tried to halt the English left flank, their archers tried to flank their right. The other English block took a gamble and marched right by them. Two companies of English muskeeters eliminated them. Eventually the pikes smashed into the Scots pikes and through push, drove the Scots off. The English had one small gun which they used to fire at the wagons, destroying one, before shooting up the Highlanders who came charging out of the farm. While the cannon and shot kept them at bay, the pikemen dropped their pikes, stole one wagon and filled it with as much plunder as they could. The game ended when the English drove off with a wagon full of supplies, but lost 1/3 of their attacking force. The Scots lost all their shot in attempting to repell the raid.

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