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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Battle of Newton 1779

This battle was played following an article from Wargammes Illustrated.
The Loyalist troops behind their breastworks on what eventually became called Sullivan's hill.

The Mohawks deploy into the woods and swamp.

The American's advance towards the Loyalist position.

The American militia take the left flank.

The New York brigade form up.

The American right made up of mostly Continental Units.

The American artillery.

Ian begins his advance, Morgans rifles lead the way.

The Mohawks attempt to flank the American right and destroy the artillery.

The Loyalist militia and Brant's White volunteers probe the American left.

The King's Royal Regiment of New York deploy off the hill to take on the advancing Americans.

The Americans just before deploying into line, and decimating the Mohawks with concentrated musketry.
It was a battle fought by Loyalist Troops and American Patriots. They had been neighbors, then became mortal enemies. This battle was the main action of the campaign. The losers were the Mohawk nation who were forced to flee first to Fort Niagra, then into Canada following the American Revolution. Their decendants now make up the Kanawake reserve in Quebec.

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