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Friday, 11 January 2013

Fortifications of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Fort Edward, Windsor, Nova Scotia. Built as part of the enlargment of English Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, it's first use was as a holding camp for hundreds of Acadians who were then taken on ships to New England. It further served as the headquarters of the 2nd Battalion 84th Regiment, Royal Highland Emigrants during the American Revolution

Fort Howe, Saint John, New Brunswick. The site consists of a blockhouse. A small encampment was stagged by the recreated 2nd Battn 84th RHE
These are a few shots I've taken over the years with my family back in Canada.
Further shots to follow once I can post more pictures again.

When I can figure out how to post more pictures, I will put up shots of the Halifax Citadel, Fort Beausjour/Cumberland
This is me back in 1995 as a Gunner of 3rd Brigade, Royal Artillery at the Halifax Citadel, National Historic Site.

This is a 32pdr Gun crew of the 3rd Bde. RA. I(m the gunner crouched over on the right of the picture coiling the tackle.
This is a shot of my older kids playing amoungst the ruins of Fort Beausejour/Cumberland on the Nova Scotia/New Brunswick border back in 2003.

This is a diagram of Fort William Augustus which is part of the interprative display at Grassy Island National Historic site in Canso, Nova Scotia. (Photo courtsey of North American forts website)


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