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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Happy New Year the year of the Snake, British Regiments and Talavera 1809

Happy New Year to readers of my blog.
Here in Japan, New Years is a big event, but my wife and I usually like a quiet one, as Christmas to us means a bit more.
I had planned to include a Battle of Quebec 1775 video but it failed.
I did however take some shots of my British regiments. I'm having some trouble uploading pictures but may have figured it out with the new google system.

British troops in Nova Scotia trying to stay warm in the winter

Composite Light Infantry at Louisbourg

The 42nd Royal Highland Regiment, whowere the only British unit to break into Montcalm's defences at Ticonderoga.

The 78th Fraser's Highlanders whe were raised as cannon fodder but proved their worth as one of the toughest regiments in North America.

The 17th Regiment, one of the more experienced Regiments in Nova Scotia from the early 1750's

The 28th Regiment

The 40th Regiment, the most senior regiment in Nova Scotia having been in the colony since 1717.

The 1st Regiment The Royal Regiment

The 55th Regiment which was at Ticonderoga

The 60th Regiment

The British Army at Quebec

Our battle of Talevera was an interesting little adventure. My buddy Trevor came over again and took the place as the French commander.
Ian was the Spanish commander while I took the British troops.
Unfortunately for Ian and I, Trevor had had some experiences playing D&D back in the day, thus was able to advance his troops as collums. As the British player, I attempted to form line and blast the French with musketry. The Royal Artillery fared well in taking out the French artillery, but the French cavalry charged into the Rifles and Light Infantry.
Eventually, the French right charged into the Spanish who broke and ran. As the British were unable to hold their line against the French, they then fell back.
Trevor won the day.
Next time, we'll meet on an American battlefield.


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