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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Cooches Bridge 1777

My son and I played this little skirmish battle last night. I've put the video up on youtube (japanesehighlander) Cooches Bridge 1777.

This action was where the British and Hessian Light Infantry and Jagers encountered Maxwell's Light Infantry Brigade.

We played the action twice using the Field of Glory Renaissance rules. As most of this action took place in the woods, we added the factor that shooting would take 3 hits per base due to the fact that the woods in North America are a bit more dense then Europe.

Both times, Ian was able to bring his American units up close and take me out. Despite rolling for morale, the Americans seemed really pumped to try and halt the British advance. They did so twice.

Oh well. Daddy will have to think of another way for British Lights to skirmish more effectively next time.

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