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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Siege of Tenochtitlan 1521

I've been so busy the last little while that I haven't put this battle up yet!

The Temple of the Sun with an Aztec army waiting for the Spanish Conquistador attack

Aztecs pour into the streets to keep out the Spanish.

The Conquistadors begin their assault.
This game I have wanted to play since I first stumbled upon about 5 years ago. The problem was, all these figures were still in storage back in Canada except for a few sets I bought here in Japan.
At first, the Conquistadors began attacking the city on two streets. The pikemen on the Spanish right attempted to go up a side street but were pelted by Aztec missiles.
The Spanish then sent in their muskets which cleared the street. They then tried to flank the Aztecs on the next street but the sun had set.
The second Terico advanced up the main street only to get bogged down in the central plaza by a horde of angry Aztecs. The Spanish were then unable to link up together. Slowly, the Aztec spearmen and swordsmen cut down and beat back the Spanish.
On the Spanish left, this Terico was torn apart by Aztec arrows and slings. There was then a fanatical charge by the Aztecs which cut apart the musketeers until their commander was able to cut them down. By this time, the Aztecs had been successful in keeping out all 4 Spanish Tericos. The Spanish artillery were useless as they were hemmed in by the streets.
Battle 1 went to the Aztecs.

Battle 2 was played with Ian as the Aztecs and I as the Spanish. Once again, I sent in the Tericos to try and destroy the Aztecs. And once again, the streets broke up my advance. I sent in a Terico with artillery on the left, but were still frustrated with getting into the city. On the right, I sent in the musketeers to clear the way. I sent in a cavalry charge against the Aztec centre backed up by pikemen and crossbows. Unfortunately for me, Ian was still able to blunt my advance and slowly picked off my men. The city was a great defencive position for the Aztecs who could keep the Spanish musketeers from forming a line. Without the fire support, the Spanish could not hold them back.
Battle 2 went to the Aztecs again.

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