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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Aztec assault on Tarascans 1478

As the video shows, the Aztecs flanked the Tarascan position in their hill fort, while the Aztec right crosssed the river and drew the Tarascans out of the jungle. Their archers were able to cut down the Aztecs. Once the Aztecs had cleared the hill fort, the Tarascans tried to push them out with charges, but were in turn cut down by Aztec slingers and archers. While the Tarascans tried to push out the Aztecs, they in turn pushed on the Tarascan left. This position then crumbled. However, in close quarters combat, the Aztec third in command was killed. The Aztecs were not fazzed and kept up their assault. Eventually by a hammer and anvil approach, the Taracans were pushed into their secondary position which can just be seen on the left. The Aztecs pushed in. They were then reduced to only their archers and slingers, then the Taracans were cut down by the arrows. With just their chief left, he was taken back as a war trophy to become the latest sacrafice to the sun god.

The Taracans were made up of Airfix Indians, Revell Indians while the Aztecs were from the Revell range.

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