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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Osprey Publishing - 18th-Century Highlanders

Osprey Publishing - 18th-Century Highlanders

Most of my Osprey collection is on the 18th century. And the vast majority of titles in this era are authored either by Stuart Reid, or Rene Chartrand!

This volume takes a look at the various government raised Highland regiments which the British government raised in response to the Seven Years War. As well, it was a way to assert their control over the governing of Scotland.

There is one instance of the Royale Ecossis.(sp)  The figure depicted is wearing the regimental coat of blue faced red, while wearing a belted plaid. Subsequent research showed that only a few pipers wore this. The grenadiers, which the plate alleges to portray was actually a uniform of a blue coat faced red, with a British style grenadier cap, while wearing the usual French breeches.

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