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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Battle of Bergen April 13, 1759

Another Allied battle against the French. This was one of the battles British Cavalry took part. 3 Regiments to be exact. My own refight was on February 11, 2014

1eme Royal Roussillon, white/blue  1eme Piemont Regt (white/black facings)

Rohan Montbazon Regt. (white/red/red)  Beauvoisis Regt. (white,white, red waist)

Royal Baviere Regt. (blue/black)

British 2nd Dragoons (red/blue)(

British 6th Dragoons (red/yellow)
British Royal Horse Guards blue/red

Hanover Jager Korps (green)
Hessian Leib Dragoons (red/blue)

Hessian Erbprinz Regt.  Prussian Holstein-Gottorp Dragoons 

The battle began with the Allied force on either side of the hill which pointed like a finger through the middle of the battlefield.

The French began to advance, their first line was made up of illregular troops with a battery of artillery. The Prussian and Brunswickers advanced to silence the artillery. They had none of their own on their left flank. This would prove to be their undoing.

The Hanoverians on the right had artillery but only in the form of light guns. They were able to keep off the French advance. The British horse charged into the French lines to destroy their artillery. They reduced half of it, until the French guns blasted them to bits.

The allies then collapsed, leaving the French the field.

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