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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Battle of Long Island August 27, 1776: Center and Left flank

This is the second part of the battle which had by far more troops.
The American line is made up of seven battalions while the crown forces have twenty-three!
 from,  Osprey Campaign New York 1776

The British Army deploys in line with half their guns at the front, and their cavalry on the right flank.

The American line just before the British advance begins. Knowlton's Rangers in the foreground begin to open up on the British left. They in turn advance two regiments forward who bayonet charge them. A further British battalion advances and begins to fire volleys. This disperses the rangers, and a Continental Regiment forms into line to trade volleys with the British.

Eventually, the Royal Artillery ground down the American infantry, then the Grenadiers charged in with bayonets, the Americans collapsed.
Washington's Army was reduced to a single brigade. The British, had plenty of reserves.
George Washington surrendered to Lord Howe. The rebellion was over!

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