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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Preparing for another Typhoon

Twice in little over a week. The Japan Meteorological Agency is still confused with the direction, either this storm is going to hit Kyushu, and then Korea, or it will hit Kyushu, then hit the rest of main land. The strength is going between weak to the strongest yet this year, on the strength of the one that hit the Philippines last year.

As such, I have boil in the bag currys, pasta which I can also boil up, Ritz crackers, and we'll eat what ever is in the freezer when the power cuts out. If it does.

Pictures of kit
 you can barely see the golf range between the houses but that area of Kamagaya is under an evacuation order. It was damaged last week in the storm. They are afraid that with the winds, it will collapse!
my two bags of ememergency clothes packed, with enough for my wife and kids.
 combat vest with stove, two sets, forest for me, desert for either my sons or wife.

extra candle lantern 
Japanese emergency kit bag, always on the upstairs landing.

emergency rations more rations 
 more rations and tea.

 even more rations, canned food. We've kept canned food on store since 3/11.
Within our closet, we also have a tent which can sleep 6, plus I have a poncho for one, plus camping stoves, cooking kit on top of what I have in my kit. 
The typhoon was a whimper to what it was. 

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