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Friday, 31 October 2014

Kamagaya Fire Service festival 2014

A local womens taiko drum group.

Annie and her kids awaiting our AED training.

Emi learns how to save a kid, baby and adult. As did I. Both of us work with children, so knowing how to do this is a good idea.
For adults, you need to give 100 chest compressions a minute and also three breaths ever 20-30 seconds. This is to ensure oxygen and blood getting to the brain. The hand positions change for each age level. Adults require both hands and deep thrusts. Children require one hand, while babies only need two fingers. When using the AED pads, you put one pad on the adults right shoulder and under the breastbone on their left. For children, if they have a small chest size, you place one pad over their heart, and one over the centre of their back, while placing them on their side. You listen for instructions from the AED machine. The instructions are written in English, but the audio is in Japanese as it is in Japan after all.

 The young firefighter who helped us. The whole lecture was in Japanese so with my wife helping, I was able to understand it.
Thank you to Kamagaya City Fire Service.

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