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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Tyhoon 18 otherwise known as Phanfone

As of 5 am, all of the trains I usually use, are cancelled. Thus I have to wait at home with a good cuppa
 As of 5:45, this is what the rainfall is doing. The forecast is for 40-50m winds a second with 200mm of rain! I have to wait at home until the trains begin to move, or if I get word that my school board has deemed it too dangerous for staff and students to go out.
8:36am, my school was cancelled at 8am. Good thing I turned on NHK to see the weather at around 5. The weather is to get worse all day. By 18:00, the storm should be blown out to see. As can be seen, the farmer's field has already begun to flood. They had just begun to plant a fall/winter crop, this will now be lost.

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