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Monday, 10 November 2014

Attack on Fort Washington November 16, 1776

It's been awhile since I have been able to have a big black powder battle. Most of my gaming has been taken up with my Bolt Action games on my Grampies War blog. Plus my son is more interested in that era now.

On November 11, 2014, I had it off for the first time in eleven years.
The historical information for this battle is as follows.

Washington left a force of 3000 troops in a fortified position with orders to hold out, and inflict as many casualties on the Crown forces in the hope that they would loose heart, much like what happened at Breed's Hill in Boston in 1775.

The American position consisted of an outer gun battery of Pennsylvanian artillery on their left while a screen of smaller defences covered the approaches to their main camp.

The American forces consisted of 5 battalions, while the Crown forces had 28!
text from Osprey Campaign New York 1775

 Fort Washington November, 1776
The Americans made up of the within the fort, 5th Pennsylvania, the foreground on the right being the 3rd Pennsylvania, with Rangers. 

Pennsylvania militia

The Crown centre 

The Crown right, made up of Hessian's

The British Light Infantry and Grenadiers make a feint 

The British centre bypasses the outer defences of the Americans to head straight for the American fort.

The Light Infantry pour advancing fire which makes one gun crew withdrawal

The 42nd Royal Highland Regiment (The Black Watch) and the 71st Fraser's Highlanders advance on the American right clearing out the last of their defenders.

The Grenadiers make their assault on the main position. The first rank was cut down by rebel fire, but the second line poured in a volley which broke the Americans.

Having surrounded the fort, and with a Royal Navy vessel in the river (not shown but the table edge would be where the ship is), the Americans surrender. Washington's gamble failed, the British did not blindly attack.
However, with the main army able to slip away, the British fail to crush the Americans before winter.

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