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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Battle of Valcour Island October 11, 1776

This was the final battle of the Quebec 1775 campaign whereby the Royal Navy and Crown forces defeated Benedict Arnold's fleet
from Osprey Publishing Quebec 1775

The Continental Navy of Lake Champlain. I could only find two vessels.

A Royal Navy sloop packed to the gunwhales with guns and troops. 

A screen of Light Infantry cover one bank

While Amerindians allied with the Crown 

The Americans take casualties from RN gunfire.

The Americans fire back taking out 3 of the ships guns.

The Royal Navy fired broadsides cutting down gun crews and boarding parties.

One whaleboat decided to clear out the Amerindians but took horrible casualties.

The Americans can't make much headway, but put one group to flight.

Broadsides lead to more casualties on each side.

The Amerindians begin to counter attack.

The Royal Navy close in to board.

The Americans flee to their whaleboat.

The Americans loose their main mast.

The whaleboat flees while the Americans are about to be boarded.

Here the Navy comes

boards and cuts down any who stand in their way. Canada is saved again!

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