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Monday, 10 November 2014

Wacky Japan; Tokyo Disney Resort, and other images of Chiba

Just a smattering of shots taken recently
Without a zoom lense its hard to see, but Mt. Fuji is in the centre of this shot. One of the few really clear days you could see, but with the wind, it was chilly.

A fire in a local farmhouse, next to Michinobe station

 remains of a farm house, at the beginning of cold weather, many old families use keresone heaters, which are big fire hazards. 

 A hologram of a girl selling Asahi beer.

 My triple scoop ice-cream from Ben and Jerrys as my family got to go to Tokyo Disneyland while I had to work. My wife said I could get something to eat.

My favorite spicy chips by Blairs

and my favorite British crisps. these taste like fish and chips
I also got some chicken and chips. I finished work around 3pm, then walked to a Kasairinkaikoen to catch the train to Maihama, the station for Tokyo Disney Resort. I got there about 4pm and my wife said they'd be another two hours. To top that off, the resort had sold out of passes, so I spent the time enjoying junk food. 

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