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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Battle of Assunpink Creek January 2, 1777

Crown Forces: Hessian Jagers, British Light Infantry, Battalion guns

American Forces:
American Rifles and Rangers

I got Ian to play with me, but we used the GOFF rules which use a special card deck. This was to help Ian in playing the game. He won, but it was a near run thing.
Pictures to follow after supper.
British Light Infantry and Hessian Jagers supported by guns of the Royal Artillery begin to advance on the American lines

The gun line is ready to pound the Americans

The Americans took cover in woods making it difficult to take them out, but their artillery came under counter-battery fire.

American Infantry move up to contain the Crown forces advance over the bridge.

These militia in the centre were very well behaved. They didn't waver until they had lost half their numbers.

The Royal Artillery takes losses from American artillery fire.

The American rifles shoot down many Light bobs, leaving only the Jagers.

The Jagers and Lights poured fire as well as a Hessian gun decimating the Americans holding the bridge. Eventually, what was left of the Americans withdrew back to the main lines. The British had taken the river crossing but with too many casualties. 
Ian and I used the Gentleman of France Fire First, a rule set put out by RAFM Minatures in 1989. Ian can handle these rules as he understands the mechanics better than Field of Glory. He also wanted to play a Black Powder game with me as my schedule now means I am getting home about 7pm each night. So weekend time is special for us.

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