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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Japanese old lady square dancing, or how Japanese copy American culture

 This was so bad! It was a group of women about 70 years old doing what they thought Square Dancing was!

The caller was giving all the commands in "Engrish" otherwise known here as Katakana English. This means, she was giving the commands in what she "thought" the sounds would be, but using the Japanese vowels and syllables.

Several things were so wrong with this that I want to point out.

1. The group was all women, which in itself is not bad, but you'd think they would try to get their husbands together to do this!

2. The choice of music is SO wrong. Most Square dancing I did in elementary school either used bluegrass, or country/western music.

3. Even my wife, and her friends who were with us thought the group were a bit out to lunch.

Most of the women were wearing fluffy dresses, rather outlandish for their age.

4.  When the Japanese copy something from Western/American culture, they only do it half way. As in, they do only what they want to do, rather than do an accurate version of it. Sure, their costumes may look nice, but it's done in such an over the top way, that it misses the mark so much. Also, if they want to actually do Square dancing, so it with the correct music! The tunes they used, were Japanese popular ones, with an upbeat tempo, coupled with the caller's attempts to give the dance commands.

My son asked it its ok for me to post this on my blog and Youtube. My answer to this is Yes. Yes, because if these people want to preform in a public place, and someone from the culture they are copying does this, then they are fair game.

I also doubt if any of these women would actually find this.

I only recorded a minute because I was desperately trying to stifle my laughter!

My wife who is Japanese find these groups to be very annoying. It's all fine and dandy to copy something from North America, but have the decency to do it more or less correctly! Don't make yourself look ridiculous!

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