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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Combat of Saundershausen July 23, 1758

One of my more popular postings was on a Seven Years War raid. This is another one,  a French raid.
The forces are French battalions with Light troops, aka Hussars attacking a Hessian force.

 A Hessian regiment, 

(Osprey Publishing)

 (Lace Wars Reenactment group, UK)

This will be the new blackpowder game I set up for today. The dynamics are from GOFF, so that Ian can quickly make decisions.

I got Ian to play with me after an afternoon of badminton in the park.
 The French, Austrian and Bavarian force advances on the Hessian right flank.

 The Hessians are in their fortified camp, with the officers in the local inn.

The Hessian horse, quickly deploy but are slowed up by the thick woods on their right.

 Cossacks in Prussian pay rush into the camp to lend support with a battalion of Hessians coming up in support.

The Irish Regiments prepare to advance into the centre of town.

The French and allied horse are also slowed up by the woods on the Hessian right. The Hessian storehouse is within easy reach of the French.

Ian ties down my Hessian troops, meaning that the storehouse is at the mercy of the French.
The battle is still being fought. Since it's being played in the living room,  while my wife and daughter watch TV, Ian goes, then I go. 
The Hessian storehouse falls victim to a concentrated attack. 

View from the French lines. Steam rolling into camp.

Hessian horse take on a French gun, taking out the crew. One of the high points the Hessians had.

The Cossacks attempt to flank the French troops on their right. The Hessians pour volleys to try and stop the flood of French into their camp.

My final move was to try to drive off the French allied horse from stealing the livestock.

 While I had to step out, Ian then made a large attack, and destroyed my Hessian force.
A fun game. Ian wanted to "help" me buy setting up my forces. I wanted to have put a guard force on my storehouse, but oh well. Maybe next time.

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