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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Battle of Princeton, January 3, 1777

Crown Forces: 17th Regiment, 40th Regiment, 55th Regiment, 17th Light Dragoons, Royal Artillery

American Forces: Virginians Continental, New England Continental, Pennsylvania Rifles, Artillery

I plan on fighting this action over the coming weekend. I haven't been able to get the game on as ordinary life has overtaken my hobby time. All is well, just busy.
At least it's not snowing here.
 A shot from last winter!
Crown Forces defensive position. Light Dragoons on each flank. Artillery in redoubts.

 American right made up of a militia regiment, semi-regulars, a gun and a Continental Regiment.

 American left wing and centre. A militia regiment and Continental  

 Close up look at the Crown lines. Four guns of the RA, 40th Regiment on the right, centre is 55th Regiment, far left is 17th Regiment, with 17th Light Dragoons on both flanks.

 The Americans advance. Their artillery blasts apart the British advances

American right attempts to flank the British, while a Continental brigade advances straight at the Crowns position. 

More American militia in reserve.

More American units advance to their front.

The American right forms line to advance and fire.

The 17th Light Dragoons advances and fires scattering and slicing into the Virginians and New Englanders.

The American line then deploys into line and blasts apart the dragoons, who are then decimated by Royal Artillery fire.

After rolling for American morale, they fail, and withdraw from the battle. 
An interesting played game. 

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