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Friday, 3 January 2014

1755 Campaign in Nova Scotia

50th (Shirley's) or 51st (Pepperell's) Regiment of Foot, 1754-1756 A typical British infantry soldier in garrison of Nova Scotia. This was also the uniform of the 47th Regiment in 1759. While the 47th was a white faced regiment, the 50th and 51st Regimentals were issued to the 47th as both regiments had been captured at the beginning of the war at Ft. Oswego. (

Scene of daily life at Fort Beauséjour, around 1753
Scene of daily life at Fort Beauséjour, around 1753
This view of the interior of Fort Beauséjour shows some of the activities that might be seen there during the years just before the Seven Years' War. In the foreground, men are moving supplies. In the centre, an officer talks with a missionary who is accompanying Abenakis. To the right, a detachment of French soldiers escorts an English deserter. Reconstruction by Lewis Parker. (

Grenadier, 17th Regiment of Foot, 1750s Grenadier of the 17th Regiment, 1750s while in garrison in Nova Scotia.
New England militiaman, 1750s The British force also consisted of Massassuchetts militia. The rank and file wore their civilian clothes while their officers would have worn a Blue coat faced red.

Camp of the British 43rd Regiment during the siege of Fort Beauséjour,  June 1755 Siege camp of the 43rd Reginent at Ft. Beausejour, 1755 (
Officer, Royal Regiment of Artillery, 1755-1760 Officer of the Royal Artillery which would have served the guns used against the fort.

The next few Seven Years War battles will focus on the situation in 1750s Nova Scotia.

Acadian militiaman, 1755-1760 Acadian partisan after 1755. (
Colonel's and unit colours of the Compagnies franches de la Marine, 18th century Colors of Les Compaignes Franches de La Marine
Soldier of the Compagnies franches de la Marine in New France, circa 1740A Compaigne Frances soldier as they would have been in the Fort, 1750-55. (
Soldier dressed for a winter campaign, between 1690 and 1700 and their uniform in the winter.

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