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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Battle of Hoya February 23, 1758

This little battle was a Hanoverian-Hessian and Brunswickian battle against a French force holding a bridge. All unit information courtsey of Project Seven Years War and

The Grenadier Guard Battalion of Einsiedel No. 6(

The first move by the Allied force was to advance their horse towards the French outer trenches Guarde Lorraines (blue) covering the bridge.
 The inital Grenadier advance was cut about by the French artillery. The French grenadiers (Bretange Regt, white, white, red)  holding the trench traded volleys with them but were then charged by hussars supported by artillery.

The second line of trenches was approched by an allied composite battalion. Using the Jagers and artillery, they cleared the way. The French-German and Swiss troops traded volleys while the French horse (Mestre de Camp General Dragons, red/white)  advanced over the bridge to dive back the Allied advance. This was met by an infantry advance and a volley of musketry and guns. The French horse became a jumble of torn flesh and bones.

The French sent over another battalion to hold one line of the trenches while they strengthened their side of the river. The Brunswick Regiments (Brunswick Leib Guards, blue/red)  then advanced. The Allied horse then took the left of the line while the Hessian Artillery held the advance trench at the head of the bridge.

The French horse attempted to then charge into the Allied horse on the French right, their carbine volley emptied the saddles of the Allies, but then the French were hit by a Hanoverian
(HauB Regt, red/white) volley. The Hessian gun then attempted to drive out the French from their second trench. Only one company was was hit. The Hessian regiment then went for the bridge. The Brunswickers were stung by the Franco-Swiss but pressed ahead.

Eventually, the French-Swiss were forced to retire over the river. However, when the Brunswick Guards forced the crossing, they met with a tremendous volley from the remaining French.
With their numbers shattered, the Allies withdrew. The French had saved their river crossing.

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