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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Battle of Hastenbeck 1757

This battle was where the Duke of Cumberland led an Allied force against a French force. However, the French completely defeated him, forcing him to disband his army and retire.

This battle, is the first one whereby I have used all of my 18th figures. It made quite the table.

At first, the French deployed with their Grenadiers and horse to the front, leaving their guns and infantry to follow. The French decided to try and smash the allied line by striking at an angle. However, the angle they choose to strike at was right at the main allied gun battery!
Upon losing many grenadiers from cannon and musketry from the Highland brigade of the 87th and 88th Highlanders, the Grenadiers fell back. It was then that the French brought up their artillery to silence the battery.

The Allied horse charge into the French left flank.


The Prussian, Brunswick and Hessian charge into the French. By this point, the French had brought up sufficient guns to halt the Prussian Hussar charge, but were unable to stop the infantry from forming. The battle then degenerated into a musketry duel which the French infantry were ground down.
So not a historical win for the French, a win for the Allies. The Duke of Cumberland saved his reputation this time.


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