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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Quebec 1775: The American Invasion of Canada

Happy New Year! Japanese New Year is basically eating alot of mochi, rice cakes, which is sticky and sends the Japanese Fire Department all over the place helping old people and little kids from choking on it. Grilled fish and lots of other fishy things. But then again, they usually eat these.

Getting back on track. Ian and I played Arnold's Attack on Quebec on the night of December 31, 1775. We recorded our attack on video and have posted it on japanesehighlander channel of youtube.
The video is in 3 parts.
The art work comes from  These will include 1st Batallion Royal Highland Emigrants, 7th Royal Fusiliers and Quebec militia.

City of Quebec militiaman, circa 1775­-1776Quebec city militia, 1775. The English speaking militia.

1st Battalion,Royal Highland Emigrants ( However the officers would look like thisOfficer, 42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment of Foot, 1768-1784
British soldier in winter dress, 1765-1783British soldier in winter uniform

An American rifleman from Colonel Morgan's Regiment, circa 1775-1776American rifleman, a few of these made it to Quebec with Arnold's units.

American rebel infantry officer, circa 1775­1776American Army officer 1775

American rebel soldier during the siege of Quebec, 1775-1776American soldiers trying to survive a Canadian winter. Not easy when it's usually -20c in January!
Canadian militiamen and British soldiers repulse the American assault at Sault-au-MatelotDaniel's painting of the British repulsing the Americans. (

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