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Monday, 6 August 2012

Battle of Barossa 1811

The Battle of Barossa 5th March, 1811

RA: Maj. Duncan 10 guns

Wheatley’s Bde: 28th Foot, 67th Foot, 87th Foot

Dilkes’ Bde: 1st Foot Guards, Composite Battn 2nd/3rd Foot Guards, 2coys 95th

Brown’s Light Battn: Light Companies of 9th, 28th, 82nd   VS   

French Army

1eme Bde Ruffin                            2eme Bde Leval

9eme du Linge                              8emeX 2

24eme X 2,                                 54eme X 2                                

96eme                                     45eme

Les Grenadiers 1 battn                       Les Grenadiers 1 battn

3eme Bde Artillery: 3 guns

The refight 8/6/12

This was made into a video clip posted on youtube.
The battle began with the French drawing cards first to begin. Leval’s brigade quickly established themselves in the wood. The British began the game by advancing on Barrosa ridge. The Light Infantry brigade hit first but were unable to stand up to the French line’s volleys. The Royal Artillery was unable to make any headway during the game. The French guns amazingly destroyed the RA and the French took a gamble and charged a battery. They captured these guns. Wheatley's Brigade were unable to regain the momentum despite clearing Leval’s brigade from the woods but these were challenged by Ruffin sending in extra troops. As Dilke’s attempted to hit Barrosa ridge, the French charged down. The British morale collapsed and the line fled. The French won this battle.

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