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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Battle of Camden, August 16, 1780

As my summer vacation enters it's second week, I am hard at work studying but also enjoying some gamming. Today's action is part of the Southern Campaign.

Camden August 16, 1780                      

23rd, 33rd, 71st, Volunteers of Ireland/105th, Tarelton's Legion, Loyalist militia


1st Maryland, 2nd Maryland, Delaware Regiment, North Carolina militia, Virginia Militia

The battle began with the Royal Artillery firing on the American centre and on the American artillery. After the initial volley of gunfire, the American line became disorganised. Amazingly, their militia stood their ground!

The second round of the battle began with the Americans advancing and exchanging musket volleys with the British line. The American skirmishers deployed to the American right to halt the advance of the Loyalist brigade. After a devestating volley on the 33rd Regt, the Americans gave a bayonet charge with momentarily caused the British line to fall back. The Light Dragoons were soon forced to deploy into the line to prevent a huge gap opening. On the British fourth turn, they then deployed and flanked the American left.
This move destroyed the American rifle units and caused half of the militia to become casualties. The American centre took a hard hit from the Royal Welsh. The Loyalists also hit the American right hard redeeming themselves in the eyes of the British commanders.
The British then hit the American left with a charge and fire from the Light Infantry.
The Americans then attempted to shift their line away from the pressure from the left towards the Loyalists on their right.
Eventually, the British pressure on the American line became too great, and they were forced to flee the field. Lord Rawdon was left in possession of the field and thus became victor, much like in history.
(Photo courtsey of Kerry Delorey)
Please see japanesehighlander on youtube for a video clip of this battle.

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