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Monday, 27 August 2012

Historical Literature which I can't get enough of

A ways back, I mentioned Bernard Cromwell. My posting may mislead readers into thinking I do no care for his work. On the contrary, I devour all of his Sharpe novels.
I recently bought Sharpe's Battle, which I will begin reading shortly. My reading habits generally follow a pattern. I will read all of the books of a series which I have, then I will begin reading another series.
For example, I have read all of Julian Stockwin's Kydd novels. Being stuck in Japan, this is a close as I will get to reenacting. I plan to collect all of his works until he stops writing.
Cromwell's Sharpe series likewise, I will slowly collect.
The only series which I couldn't really tuck into was the Master and Commander series by O'Brien. I think it was the fact that he was writing his work from the perspective of an officer which put me off.
I admire officers, but not the 18th century high society types.
The Horatio Hornblower series I have not read, but I did collect the first four films of that series.
(Ian with some of our Pirate and sailor books. Thanks to Julian Stockwin for his works)
The other series which I have read is the Harry Potter novels and I also collected the films. As well the Osprey Military books I also collect. I may soon have to ship some of my books home.
To add ambiance to our bedroom, I have a poster of Bluenose II on my wall.

 And Ian has two pirate ships in our bedroom window sill to add his own touch.
I read before I go to bed. It helps calm my mind from all of the stresses of life. (Command card courtsey of Julian Stockwin)

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