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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Third week of vacation, last one before back to school

Sunday August 5, saw us go to the Sanrio Puriland or otherwise known as Hello Kitty Land, in Tama city, Tokyo. The big draw for this attraction was that it was indoor, thus air conditioned! A good thing since the outside tempreture was around 35c!
To commerate Queen Elizabeth II Diamond jublilee, they had this small corner on a book shelf devoted to her majesty. Since myself and my two children are Canadian citizens, we felt we should remember our soverign.

This was an interesting sight. A bear in the boys toilet. As you went in to do your business, you could hear this bear singing while on his "throne".

When you opened the door and said hello, he would then growl at you! Imagine some little boy who needed to wee wee and saw this in the toilet! Talk about giving a kid issues!
The shot below came in sideways but is Leena with a British Hello Kitty

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