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Monday, 24 December 2012

Battle of Wigan Lane August 25, 1651

My Chrismas vacation has begun, so obvisouly, this means I can have some wargames with my son.

Ian decided that he wanted to dig out his Spanish conquistodors and his pikemen. So, thus a scenarior based on Wigan Lane  was born.
Several factors have to be considered when we plan out a battle.
1. the playing space: I have a small table which becomes the battlefield.
2. The setting. As part of the battle would have been fought in a fortified town, I have modeled one section of the town, though damaged, with gaps in the walls, and hastily made repairs.
3. the troops. The Royalists are modeled with Conquistodors, the pikemen come from various units, and as a splash of colour, Scottish highlanders
4. The Parlimentarian/New Model Army units are modeled with some of our FWI rangers/militia.

The Royalists advance to the walls

Close up of the Royalist musketeers with Spanish kit

The Royalists cavalry close in (and yes, they are Napoleonic curassiers)
The parlimentarians await the onslaught. Their weak defences allowed the Royalists to get some Christmas cheer in the supplies held in this old castle.

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