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Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Another Christmas in the trenches so to speak.
Living in Japan during the holiday period can be different. First of all, Christmas is NOT a family holiday in Japan. It's slowly becoming a kids day, but it's still the reserve of couples who want to say, share the mistletoe.

This years events took place on December 24, as it was a national holiday, in lieu of the Emperor's birthday which fell on December 23, which was a Sunday, so Monday was given off.
We allowed our kids to open their presents about 10:30 am. They were happy.

I was also able to finally find the Disney DVD of BRAVE, which the recent releases at Toys R Us are in the area with the video games.

We had a tree, with stockings.

Our Christmas meal this year was MEATLOAF! Turkey is a bit hard to come by and is darn expensive when you do find it.

But I was able to make mashed potatoes, onion/mushroom gravy and maple-butter carrots. My grandmother's recipie.

I've got some pretty good friends, a few years back, I invited my Canadian co-worker and her sisters to my place for Christmas dinner. It was nice to share a turkey and some Nova Scotian hospitality.
Every year since, they send a nice care package of my favorite Tim Horton's coffee, and candies for my children.
It's a little something but it means alot to us.
Ian building his Pirates of the Carribean set

Mum andLeena opening her Barbies

Time to play with our dolls

The only turkey I will have this year.

Japanese christmas cake

chopped carrots which I would make into maple butter ones

I don't have mashed potatoes shot but one of poutine

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