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Monday, 24 December 2012

It was a not so Merry Christmas for the Hessians

The Battle of Trenton December 1776 was the cap to an interesting year for the Contential Army and a horrible event for the Hessian allies of the British.

The Americans have cause to celebrate this battle as part of the founding of their country. But I can only see how men who were far from home, celebrating Christmas were attacked by an army which was about to disband due to yearly enlistments.

Imagine, being far from home, in a land where most of the people didn't speak your language, who didn't want you there, your trying to stay warm, and remember you loved ones back in your home country over a cup of wine and if you were lucky some warm food in your belly.
That's what the Hessians were facing.

The Americans were just about to run out of troops as they had all signed up for a year. Their uniforms were threadbare, their uniforms and equipment in tatters,

Yet it was the ragtaggle Americans who won this battle.

This battle was replayed on Christmas Day, 2012 in Japan.

American units: Virginia troops:
                           Deleware troops:
                           Pennsylvania troops: Rifles
                           New Hampshire troops:
                          Massachusettes troops:
                          Connecticut troops:
                          New York troops:

Crown forces: 16th Light Dragoons (role to see if they will flee)
                        Rahl Regiment
                        Knyphasun Regiment
                        Lossberg Regiment
                        Hessian Jagers

Germans asleep in their beds

Continental's celebrate their victory (photo from Osprey's Continental Infantryman of the American Revolution 2004)

16th Light Dragoons resting in their billets.

As the sunrises on Trenton, December 25, 1776, the Germans have little warning of the coming terror!
The Americans begin to advance across the ice.
The rest of the Americans cross over.
The Americans push into the town capturing the Hessian artillery.
The 16th Light dragoons actually held the line for a bit, but eventually concentrated musketry hammered them away. The Hessians were unable to make any firing line and were mown down by the Americans. All of the Hessians officers were killed, it was a complete victory for the Americans.

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