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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Ticonderoga 1758 Refight December 26, 2012

For a long time, I considered this battle an American one as it took place in upper state New York. For Canadiens in Quebec, this battle is seen as one of the last victories to halt the advance of the Anglo-Americans. Chartrand's Ticonderoga 1758 by Osprey Publishing givens an interesting narrative to this story.

The battlefield was set up on the kitchen table. Once again, the Anglo-American force forgo a preleminary artillery bombardment of the French defences. They decided that they would go in with the bayonet and musket fire.

The French had prepared elaborate entrenchments to trap the Anglo-Americans. And as before, the Anglo-Americans were stopped dead in their tracks by the abiti and French musketry.
The 55th anchors the left wing of the army.
while the 44th holds the right of the line.
The Grenadiers advance up,
The Light Infantry and Rangers attempt to screen the British Army advance
The American colonial troops begin their advance.
Like the actual battle, the Anglo-Americans could not advance past the abitis. By the time the Black Watch came into range, night had fallen. The French score a tremendous victory against the odds.

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